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1. First, find your vehicles OE information sticker or plate (it's usually in the door jamb or glove compartment)
2. Next, locate where it says Rims/Wheels and you'll see something like 14X5.5J The first number "14" is the OE rim size 14 inches and "5.5J" is the width 5.5 inches.
3. Last, I use a rule of 2" over the OE rims/wheels size. The width of the custom rims/wheels you should be looking for is 7.5 inches in this case, knowing that you can then shop for the largest diameter rim/wheel that has a width of 7.5 inches. In this case 18 inch is probably the largest, if your budget allows it may be possible to find 19's.

Please keep in mind the information above assumes you are using 35 series or lower profile tires.

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